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At BATH BUILDINGS, we provide studio and small business workspace and music production facilities based in the centre of Bristolís emerging creative quarter.

A thriving small business area of the city with energy and drive creating successful small businesses and creative work in Bristol.

A quality environment for young and old working, alongside a range of activities with collaboration and support, helping to create new ideas and opportunties. There are both mature small businesses and start ups - all are welcome.

BATH BUILDINGS, small business workspace, is a two storey warehouse of 4000 sq ft with a history or architectural modelling, Wallis and Gromit, BBC and Dr Who prop making, architectural modelling as well as a range of designers, music producers,artists and sculptors who have used the premises over the last twenty five years.

Due to increased demand for studio and workshop space we are adding a further seven bespoke spaces, some of which will be available in December 2015. 9 Bath Buildings will be a total of 15 spaces and a large open plan ground floor communal area for larger projects.

Current occupiers cover guitar making, lazer cutting, cycle repairs, bespoke carpentry, music production and sculpture. The new spaces at first floor level provide for sharing of activities, bespoke fitting out and most important long term occupation if required at affordable prices.

All new small business workshop spaces have a window, can be individually fitted out and can vary in size. We encourage one-Off projects and studio sharing where possible.

Find out when new small business workspaces become available.

There is currently a waiting list for studio and business workspace, but we do have movement from time-to-time, so it is worth emailing us for more information and to get on the waiting list.

Whether you are a designer, musician, artist, maker, manufacturer, programmer, tinkerer, professional, hobbyist, any kind of freelance creative or techie, then this space is just for you.

Over the years BATH BUILDINGS has accommodated workspace facilities in wood, metal & plastics, screen printing, photography, ceramics, electronics, computing, small CNC Machining, laser cutting, 3D printing, architecture.

BATH BUILDINGS is a mature setup - geared to providing bespoke studio and workshop space for start ups and medium sized businesses. With the new studio spaces we greatly encourage bespoke fitting out and longer term commitment to the site. Bespoke fitting out to include; sound insulation, fume extraction, specialist lighting are available.

Facilities include:

Parking and unloading with double door entry for bigger deliveries. 24/7 access and all year opening.

Studio sizes - 145 sq ft to 300 sq Minimum weekly rate £75. Monthly bills £70 per month. Larger spaces available by amalgamating space - Please contact us for more information.

High speed wifi Inclusive facilities - kitchen, toilets, communal work space.

Rents are payable one month in advance plus a deposit of 2 months rent. We encourage a minimum of 1 year plus a notice period - with 3 - 5 years periods available.

For further information please call 0797 075 8351 or

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