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LED Strip Profiles

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Abbey Lighting Solutions Ltd
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Introduction to their LED strip profiles services

LED Strip profiles provide a professional stylish finished look for housing LED strips. They are used to protect LED strip tape from dust and moisture or can be used to create a universally useable LED luminaire.

Abbey Lighting Solutions offer a range of high quality Aluminium LED strip profiles that are simple to install, and can be cut to bespoke lengths. Combining Aluminium LED profile and LED flexi strip lighting, Abbey Lighting Solutions can custom build a LED linear luminaire to suit individual specifications and applications, including plug & play pre installation wiring solutions.

All Abbey Lighting Solutions LED strip profiles have been manufactured using anodized aluminium. The anodizing is accurately and cleanly processed to a high standard making the aluminium profiles more durable and means they do not oxidise over time.

Abbey’s range profiles also include clear and frosted cover options. The Aluminium profile frosted cover option creates an even homogenous light distribution.

LED aluminium profiles are an attractive addition to any design application enhancing indoor and outdoor environments. To provide extra durability, full environmental protection and extend product life of the LED strip profile, Abbey Lighting Solutions can provide a unique silicone potting service.

Additional information

When a silicone potting compound is applied to LED strip within the aluminium mounting channels, the luminaire becomes fully IP rated and creates a more versatile and highly durable product. The LED strip profile combined with silicone potting can then be completely submerged under water - perfect for creating a magical water or garden feature and a stunning finish to swimming pools, Saunas or bathrooms.

The aluminium mounting channels supplied by Abbey Lighting Solutions are manufactured to the highest precision and quality. The LED mounting channels are used not only as a housing for LED strip but as an effective heat sink to extend the life and brightness of the LED’s.

The design possibilities are endless when combining LED strip with aluminium profiles and a range of interchangeable accessories such as covers and mounting brackets. Mounting LED strip in aluminium profile is one of the most versatile, cost effective and energy efficient ways of applying lighting to spaces or objects.