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Independent Insolvency Advice

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Benefit summary

  • Independent insolvency advice
  • Over 25 years' experience
  • Clear and practical guidance
  • Help with director disqualification issues
  • Wide range of services
  • Corporate and personal advice available
  • Cost effective solutuions

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A business offering independent insolvency advice on virtually any matter regarding insolvency or debt procedures. Their services cover both personal and company related issues ranging from IVAs and Debt Management Plans through to Liquidations and Administrations.

Set up by former senior managers with over 25 years' experience in the insolvency profession, to provide independent insolvency advice to anyone affected by an insolvency or debt related event. One of their most popular services is their “Second Opinion Option” for people who have already received professional advice on their financial position but are still unsure whether that advice is right for them or their business and what other options might be available.

Not 'insolvency brokers' or 'debt conveyancers' or connected with any insolvency firms, many of their clients are reassured by being able to obtain the independent insolvency advice and guidance available.

Their managers have worked for a number of insolvency practices, recoveries departments in major banks and on director disqualification work. Consequently, IIS is able to offer the benefit of this wide-ranging experience and expertise and at rates far below those normally charged by insolvency or legal firms.

Focusing on giving clear and practical advice and guidance for all cases regardless of how large or small the sums involved are. Even if you have simply received a letter or report from an insolvency practitioner or an Official Receiver's office and don't know what it means then IIS can help.

Can also assist on director disqualification issues, voidable transactions, insolvency practitioner conduct, company strike-offs and issues concerning the matrimonial home in bankruptcies and IVAs.