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Spanish property insurance

Andrew Copeland Insurance Consultants Ltd
230/234 Portland Road, London SE25 4SL

Telephone: 0208 656 2544

Spanish Property Insurance...

The Spanish property insurance Andrew Copeland provides has been designed to take into account the nature of property ownership in Spain and the differing ways in which those properties are used and occupied. Whether the Spanish property to be insured is your main residence or a holiday or second home their Spanish property insurance will cover the building and/or contents against all of the major risks and issues you would expect including fire, flood, storm damage etc, but also has some additional areas of protection that you might not expect to find included without extra cost, for instance, public liability insurance is standard.

Their Spanish property insurance also allows you to sub let to tenants, short or long term without losing any of your cover and full protection remains in place even if the property has been unoccupied for long periods. They are confident that they have designed an insurance package for properties in Spain that will meet the needs of the vast majority of Spanish property owners, however, should there be a concern or issue that is particular to your property or circumstances they can give expert opinion on those aspects and advise on a solution that ensures you have the property insurance in place that satisfies your general and specific requirements. All of their Spanish property insurance policy documents are written in English.

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Andrew Copeland Insurance Consultants:

London based Andrew Copeland have been providing flexible property insurance cover for both residential and commercial buildings in the UK and across Europe for over 35 years. The knowledge and experience gained over those years make them a valuable source of both sound advice and property insurance that meets the general and specific requirements of property owners across Europe. >>

European Property Insurance:

Their overseas division specialises in building and/or contents insurance for properties in all the major European countries where the British tend to own either their main or second/holiday homes. Spain, France, Italy, Greece and Cyprus are amongst those countries. The property insurance Andrew Copeland provide includes areas of protection that may be particular to the property location or country and also some features as standard such as public liability insurance that may not be found on other policies without incurring additional costs. Another aspect of the service that we found to be a real benefit is the fact that all of the documents are written in clear English.

Many property owners arrange their insurance and do not realise until the policy arrives that it is written in the language of the country where the property is located. This can be problematic for some should a claim be necessary. In 2012 the company negotiated with their underwriters for a reduction in insurance costs. Unusually in the current climate they then passed those savings on to their customers resulting in lower premiums for both their existing and new customers.

Quotes are free via an online form on their website or by calling 0208 656 2544 and speaking to one of their advisors. >>

The property insurance they provide is underwritten by Lloyds of London.




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